FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What are the distinguishing features of AlVIS to other systems?

A – AlViS is supporting about 100 best selling devices by native drivers and lot of other devices could be integrated by general purpose interfaces OPC, Modbus, DDE, ESPA, ASCII.

A – AlViS graphical development features enables free configuration of the user screen, i.e. particular windows their number, position and facilities, maps / symbols and their behavior is completely defined by user.

Q – What is the architecture of ALViS?

A – ALViS unique feature is that the user can select the architecture he prefers. From simple but powerful graphical desktop client installation which could extend to unrestricted number of graphical clients distributed in the LAN or to install one (or more) powerful servers equipped with SQL database and WEB server to enable „Internet Explorer“ access to AlVIS monitoring.

Q – Is AlVIS advisable to large installation?

A – Yes, AlViS manage well to handle hundreds of devices connected, equipped with hundred thousands of sensors. AlVIS is optimized for quick priority respond to events because of main processes are managed primary in RAM memory and thereafter saved into database files on the hard disk. AlVIS meets requirements of large installations but the planning and analyze of the project needs respect where a skilled expert must be involved.

Q – How should I proceed when I need to connect a new not supported device?

A – Please consult manufacturer if there is one of the general purpose interfaces supported, i.e. OPC, Modbus, DDE, ESPA. In the case the device communicates in a simply way and you prefer one-way monitoring only, than consult the possibility to use ASCII driver interface. Otherwise ask the manufacturer to provide device interface specification and send it to us with the request for interface development.

Q – Is the AlViS event log saved into SQL Database?

A – Can, but does not need. For a small installation looks to be SQL database server a complication. Therefore AlVIS enables to use encrypted cyclic file for this purpose including automatic backup function. However any time if require, the MS SQL database could be used to save runtime log.

Q – Which languages are supported by AlViS?

A – Version 3.2 enables OnLine selection of one from 32 languages. English, German, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Icelandic, Bahasa Indonesian, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, French, Arabic, Danish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Portuguese, Italian. However the documentation and AlVIS WEB support are available in 4 languages only – English, Slovak, Czech and German.

Q – Is AlVIS using communication protocol Net DDE?

A – No, communication between AlVIS clients and device servers (drivers) is based on TCP/IP network protocol.

Q – Which support is available for AlViS installers?

A – Buying the license from of our local distributors the first level support should be granted by this distributor. In the case he will be not able to solve your problem, please send your specification to our e-mail address spirit@spirit.sk – we will endeavor to help you. Please participate on our 1 day AlVIS programmers training we provide in our office. This training is a fundamental prerequisite you will succeed to develop AlViS application. Please remember, complicated installation should be consulted in the early design phase and some experienced expert should be involved in the installation to prevent failures.