AlViS WEB Attributes

AlViS Web extension enables to access the basic AlViS installation (ie. device servers and desktop clients ALViS) from web browsers instaled on the PCs, tablets or smathphones connected to the NET. Basic Info about AlViS WEB

ABI Facilities

ABI is a ASP.NET solution for remote management,access control and monitoring of the integrated objects. It is a multilayer modular application covering easy single user installations, big network client/server type installations as well as a web solution enabling controlling from any computer connected to Intranet/Internet equipped with the web browser..

User Management

ABI application enables the fast and easy management of users data and their permissions. It covers adding/changing/deleting users, assigning of access cards and codes, assigning permissions to users. It is possible to create user groups and permission groups, to define operator types. Each of the operators has allowed user groups and allowed permissions assigned. Operator can see and manage only users belonging to his allowed user groups and can see and manage his allowed permissions. Operator works with the virtual terms such as, organization, locality, users, user groups, access areas, secured areas, permissions and permission groups, card, access code, biometrics, etc., that are not dependent on the particular technology used. Operator does not need to know what kind of security system hardware is used in the background. For operators there are several available reports. Upload manager is used to transfer data from ABI into technologies.


ABI offers comprendious graphical monitoring of the security system and remote control - arming/disarming of subsystems. During alarm, ABI automatically displays the violated detector and plan where that detector is located. It is also possible to filter online protocol and browse the protocol history. There is also a cohesion with CCTV systems for optical confirmation of the raised events and cohesion with the fire security systems.

ABI Interfaces

ABI standard installation includes also ABI Web Service interface (ABIWS), that enables information flow between ABI and third party systems. The web service methods can be used to retrieve and correctly input data from/into ABI. Available functions cover: • reading / inserting / changing / deleting users. • retrieving the count of new users / changed users since the specified date. • retrieving the list of new / modified users since the specified date. • retrieving the list of organizations and localities. • retrieving the list of on-line events